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These products are awesome! 

In 20 years of taking nutritional products, these are truly the best. The Aqua-Min & Aqua-PH have made me a believer! Someday I will tell you what these 2 amazing products did for me in only days that my doctor couldn't do in 8 months! If you're looking for a place to earn real residual income, or just want some great life changing products, AFH Club is the right choice! Yes, I found my one and only home and feel great once again! 

Craig W



💜 I'm so excited about the release of Fruta-Life and Vita-Life, today. I was very blessed to be able to test a couple of shots of both. 💜 I loved each of them. Nice, natural taste. I'm super impressed with the ingredients. Fruta-Life gave me a nice, even energy lift. I also added Fruta-Life to a smoothie and loved the healthy addition and energy boost. 💜 I'm over the top impressed with the ingredients in Vita-Life. I can see this product taking care of many of my supplement needs. Check out the ingredients panel. 💜 I'm ordering both, right now. 🍁🍂🍁I love that we can get them in shots...(thinking of samples too) as well as the larger size. 

Janette H





Received my order today for the Aqua-Vibe and WOW!.. This tastes really Great! .. Also nice that it has individual packets so I can share or pass these out to friends or acquaintances! Try this You'll Love it and the even  ow of energy without the Crash n Burn! 

Al H




My husband and I have now been using Dream Life for two weeks and wanted to give you some feedback. Since I usually respond to things well I wasn’t surprised that it helped me to sleep better, and that I get a deeper sleep without waking up as often. I was very pleasantly surprised that it also helped my husband. He had been on a prescription medication for years but several months ago the brand of his medication was discontinued and his doctor gave him the same drugs from different brands. These brands didn’t help him at all so he had not been taking anything and was sleeping very poorly. So far Dream Life has helped him to wake up more rested and fall asleep quicker when he wakes up at night. I’m so thankful because it is giving him a better quality of life and hoping that it will continue to help him. 

Thank you for all your help, 

Helen W 



My wife has a house plant that was almost dead she asked me what can we do. I said just change the soil i guess. A few days later i looked at it and it was perfectly healthy. I asked her what did she do? She said i remembered the Aqua-mins put some in a little bit of water and put on the plant. If it works on plants like that it's bound to help our body. Wish everyone would put it in their drinking water.

Bobby C



I am fighting what some might call the "itis". Everything I eat puts me to sleep immediately after every meal. The stories I could tell you about that, but I won't. What I will tell you is I had a sample size of Fruta Life and noticed immediately the drowsiness after a meal passed and I had enough surge of energy that I didn't have to take that after meal nap and went to bed at a decent time slept during the night and woke up refreshed with noooo brain fog that the "itis" would cause. Oh! for those of you that don't know what the "itis" is medically called inflammation the culprit behind all medical issues head to toe. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Deborah S


"If I could only get everything I need in one product, that would be great!" 

Well, you can! Its called Vita-Life..........it contains 178 ingredients that contain all the 90 essential nutrients your body needs plus many more that will help your body stay functioning the right way! This is the foundation product that every one needs to be on. No matter what else you use......you need to be on this product. IF you are healthy.....1 serving a day. If you are sick.....2 servings a day. Get your body the nutrients it needs to build, repair and sustain life. ......Get Vita-Life today!

Randy S


I want to say that I am amazed with the Aqua Silver!! I just started it last night in the evening and took two doses today and will take another tonight as well as spraying in my throat this afternoon... For those who did not know, I bought it to help me combat COVID 19... I had white spots on my tonsils yesterday and freaked so glad the silver showed up yesterday... I am feeling so much better tonight!!! I wish I had this for the onset but blessed that I got to start using it... Thank you AFH club for this wonderful product!!! My hubby wanted me to call my doctor when I told him about the white spots as we both have had tonsilitis and that is what that is but I wanted to trust this product and give it a try VS antibiotics... It is doing its job... God Bless you guys!!   

Cathy T 

This Relief Max Plus with CBD is GOLDEN !!!  OK so I didn't have any pain right now so I have not tried it but my husband was having a lot and he said it works amazing!!!  I said how long did it take he said I don't know just sometime in the morning after I took it I didn't have any pain it's incredible !!! So at lunch today our grandson is having a lot of back pain I said here take a couple of these and tell me what you think ...of course his response was does it have any side effects.. I said no it's all natural all food ... but you're 19 lol read it !! Worked for him too!

Holly Capron

I have been experiencing pain in my knees for several years now, but since I started using Relief Max Plus, I have noticed a significant reduction in my pain levels. This product has helped me to move more comfortably and has allowed me to continue my daily activities without the constant discomfort that I was experiencing before. I have tried several other products in the past, but none of them have been as effective as Relief Max Plus. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with knee pain.

Randy S



I am loving this product... If you are using a Probiotic, you should try this one... it is by far the best I've ever used! 2nd month of using Probio-Max and not one single tummy issue... Feels so good, not to have to deal with a stomach ache every time I eat!

Ruth Ann 


Yes, I agree, love these products. I went to doctors for over a year for digestive issues, all they could offer was prescription drugs to mask the symptoms not fix the real issue. I tried many other products with no results. I went on these products and within 1 week my symptoms were gone! Just more proof to me mother nature has the answers if we look, it's great to feel normal again!!!!

Craig W


So I went to my doctor so I could get a referral for an injury to my right shoulder that has been aggravated over and over again over the years...I have had high blood pressure for years and years... they increased my lisynipril to 40 mg a few years ago and tried to get me to take another drug which made me dizzy so I dropped that one... My blood pressure was 120 over 80 the other day! I was so pleased. normally it is a bit higher than high when I go to the doctors anyway and I had just finished lunch!!! So which of our three products that I am taking do you think has helped the most? The MSM, the MAX Pain relief or the Vita Life 178 that I just started taking about a week ago???? I now want to ask them to lower me back down to the 20 mg and see what happens.... I want to add Aqua Min to my regime when I can afford it as I know those wonderful minerals should help with a lot of issues I have

Cathy T


I want to share a 100% true story with you. I introduced bee pollen granules to a gentleman who suffered so severally with allergies he was getting shots every single week!!!! He is a co-worker of my husband. He contacted me by email and told me that once he started using the granules his weekly shots had ended! I was THRILLED! The company went out of business, he stopped using bee pollen granules and is back to getting the shots again Let me tell you, I can not wait to let him know that a high quality Bee Pollen Granules product is again, available!!! My personal goal is to get these natural/alternative products in the hands of as many as I can. To assist and educate people that there are natural alternatives out there that work with way less (if any) side effects then what we have been brainwashed into thinking that pharmaceuticals and OTC's is our only options!

Suzette H




Primo Gold is one of the richest and smooth drinks in the world with no bitter aftertaste...and it's also certified organic by the USDA. If that is not enough: It has healthy Ganoderma mushrooms and the super fruit Mangosteen!  I love this wonderful drink that you can enjoy hot or cold... It's what makes me feel good every day and I know it gives me great health benefits. Once you try it.....you will never want to go back to regular coffee! 

David J


When I turned 73, I started noticing my hair was getting thin and lifeless... I tried several products, some extremely expensive, but nothing seemed to help thicken my hair. It was dry, lifeless, and dull, with no volume or body... I've always been fussy about my hair and to think I could be losing it was extremely upsetting. Then, at last, I found a product at a very reasonable price, that does exactly what it says it will do! In using this product for just a couple of weeks, I started noticing my hair looking and feeling fuller with more body and shine... I am loving this product and the price is so reasonable and affordable! I've also noticed the ridges in my nails are starting to go away and my nails are getting stronger. I'm a happy camper these days... I Guess what they say is true, beauty does start on the inside... and you can find it in our Beauty Max!

Ruth D

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